Cross browser css issues - what am I doing wrong?


I’m testing a new website I’m currently building on various browsers and can’t seem to get it to display as it should in IE. Firefox shows it the way it should. I’ve used quite a few z-indexes and negative margins so no doubt the problem has something to do with that but I just can’t seem to crack it. Who can help?!?!?

Many thanks,


Gotta go now but I might have missed something


The overflow:hidden;/zoom is to contain the floats (instead of the height given). THe zoom is for EI6 haslayout. Use another trigger if you wish.

The zoom:1; for copybox is because in order for the image to dispaly IE needs haslayout on it.
Gotta run.

Beautiful - all sorted, many thanks Ryan!

Glad it worked :). You’re welcome.