Cron Jobs

i want to write a php mailing script in which i can send a mail 3 times in 3 days(1 mail in 1 day) automatically.
i think it can be done by Cron Jobs. But i don’t have any idea about Cron jobs. Please tell me how will i do this?

To put it simply, program your e-mail script in PHP like you normally would. Then instead of accessing it from a web browser, use SSH to login to your host account and run it from the command line

php5 /path/to/your/script.php

If it runs without any errors, then you can setup this command in a cron job (this will run every day of the week, every month, every day of the month at 00:00 midnight; so you will need to remove this cronjob at after 3 days)

0 0 * * * php5 /path/to/your/script.php

(or you could make it 0 0 1,2,3 6 * and only do it the 1st, 2nd, and3rd of June, and then you would only need to remove it sometime in the next year.)

Be careful doing this though. This is a good way to get your account terminated if your mail is classified as spam.

thanks …

How will i create time based trigger in mysql.

Use MySQL event triggers.