Cron job cpanel not working

I configure the cron job in cpanel. to run every 12:05 every midight, but it’s not triggering.

05 00  *   *   *

Thank you in advance.

How do you know? From what I can tell, you have it designated as the right time. Make sure your execution path is correct

I tested it, but when I use this

*/15  *  *  *  *

it runs, I tried also

   20  01  *  *  *

it wont work

@cpradio, maybe cpanel is different time in my localtime.

I can almost guarantee that. Midnight on your server would almost assuredly be a different time than your local time.

To test that, if you have shell access, SSH into your server and run date

I don’t know how to use SSH,how to do it ?

If you have SSH, you can download and install Putty then put in your domain name in the Host, port 22 is usually OK, and when asked for a username, enter your username for your host and your password.

This video may also be of help

If that is too complicated, then creating a PHP script with

<?php echo date('r'); ?>

And that should give you a good indication.

ok thank you.

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