Crippling Ajax Problem - PHP Keeps Showing NULL

I absolutely cannot get this to work. I’ve tried many different solutions from different decoding in my PHP to using $.post and $.getJSON but I absolutely cannot get my ajax to work. On my main AJAX Page’s network it is Requesting Payload “names%5B%5D=John+Doe&names%5B%5D=Jane+Doe&names%5B%5D=Josh+Doe” - which should be fine and dandy. The problem is my [URL=“”]PHP Page keeps showing NULL. I’ve been trying many different things the last few days, any insight would be helpful.

Here’s my Javascript - I’m running JQuery 1.7.2

var fullName = ["John Doe", "Jane Doe", "Josh Doe"];

function getList(){
       type: "post", /* the request's method: */
       url:"names.php",    /* the request's location: */
       data: {"names[]": fullName}, /* the request's fields: */
       contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",  /* the request's content-type : */
       dataType:"json", /* the response's content-type: */
       success: function(json){ /* the callback function */
         if(json.length != null){
             $.each(json, function(i, v){
         } else {

and my Simple PHP Page

$names = $_POST['names[]'];
echo json_encode($names);

Two things

[list=1][]When I go to your ajax page, you use “names” instead of “names[]”, which wouldn’t match your PHP (I recommend using “names”), so update your PHP to use $_POST[‘names’]
]Visiting the names.php directly will always return NULL because you are not sending any POST data. The data should be sent, but is likely causing a mismatch between the variable name in your JavaScript and the post variable name PHP is expecting.[/list]

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