Credibility to the website

As a content writer I have written many contents. To bring credibility to the website I have written a content for “About Us” .We have added the testimonials of the clients to the home page of the website. We have framed the vision and the missions for the company. Are there any other features to be added to bring credibility to the site? I might have missed out on something . Please suggest.

None of those things add credibility. Anything YOU can do will not give you REAL​ credibility. There is no way for you to give yourself credibility, you might make it appear you have it but that is all it is, appearance.


If by “credibility” you want users to trust your website, you may have to do a lot more than write content for some pages. There are a lot of factors that go into a website so that users will trust it. Content is a good start. Make sure it is useful content, well written and free from errors.

You should also make sure the site functions properly and that everything works as it should. Nothing makes users lose faith in a website more than broken features. Also work on making it easy to use. Users also lose faith when the website they are on is hard to use.

Professional design aspects are also very important. If your site looks like it was built by a novice, users won’t give it as much credit.

Here is also a post from SEOMoz that gives a lot of good advice on this topic,




IMHO there are many factors that can make you look credible or make yure site look credible in the eyes of users:

  1. Look the part (people judge books by their covers and it’s the same for websites)
  2. references (self explanatory)
  3. distinguish between opinons and facts on your website
  4. cite other credible sources
  5. do not evil (basically the site should do what it says it’s supposed to do)

these are my own top 5…i’m sure if you dig you’ll find more.


[FONT=verdana]I assume this is some sort of a business site (as suggested by the fact that you mentioned clients and testimonials). If that’s so, it’s important to add your full contact details. That means your business name, postal address and phone number(s) - not merely a contact form. You should also include the names of the individuals running the company.

None of those items will necessarily add credibility, but leaving them out will certainly harm your credibility. Customers won’t do business with companies they don’t trust, and they won’t trust you if they don’t know who you are.

As for the “vision and the missions for the company” - well, if you have already added those, that’s fine. But don’t expect them to be of any value. It’s just not the sort of thing that potential customers look for.


According to lots of research and survey, the credibility of website depends on different factors -

  1. Design Look – 46.1%
  2. Information Design/Structure – 28.5%
  3. Information Focus – 25.1%
  4. Company Motive – 15.5%
  5. Information Usefulness – 14.8%
  6. Information Accuracy – 14.3%
  7. Name Recognition and Reputation – 14.1%
  8. Advertising – 13.8%
  9. Information Bias – 11.6%
  10. Writing Tone – 9.0%
  11. Identity of Site Operator – 8.8%
  12. Site Functionality – 8.6%
  13. Customer Service – 6.4%
  14. Past Experience with Site – 4.6%
  15. Information Clarity – 3.7%
  16. Performance on Test by User – 3.6%
  17. Readability – 3.6%
  18. Affiliations – 3.4%
    Well these data has been taken from some trusted source.

The success of a website is an combined approach of

  1. Visibility of website
  2. Design & usability
  3. Content
  4. Optimized for conversion
    These descriptive points serves the purpose of a visitor and website which ensures success of website.