Creating Websites: Which Method?

I have learned HTML5, and know how to make a basic website, but I am not sure whether I want to use the language itself or some other website like Wix.

  1. Which way is more likely to help me more in the future?
  2. Which way is more common?


Creating website should deal with html, css, javascript etc. Using application like dreamweaver will helps.

Sitebuilder like wix won’t be a help to improve your skill in being a webmaster or to help you claim a job related to website development.

Hope this helps.

Agree with @Mxhub; but I would add something else to the mix

If you use Dreamweaver, use the code view or the mix view code/design instead of the design only view. Else, using DW or anyother software similar to DW is not very useful to perfect your skills. And do test in as many browsers as posible.

Most web developers start out with html and them move to dynamic languages like .php - It’s what I did 5 years ago and i’m currently doing alot of work in Ruby / Laravel these days.

If I were you i’d stick to .html for the moment, learn .css and how to put together a nice design that works across browsers and then move onto cooler stuff once you have that mastered.

I’d probably avoid using Wix as it’s pretty limited. What about Wordpress or Drupal?

Drupal has a quite hard learning curve. I would start with WordPress and then move on to Drupal