Creating time slots for appointments using PHP or something similar

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I’m doing a project for the school and I’ve already finished the main parts. it’s basically a webpage for the academic center at the school. It already has the radio buttons to click for tutors and the classes. however, I need to make sure the appointment dates are not overbooked for that certain tutor. A student gets a 1-hour time slot with a tutor and right now, all it’s doing is saving the information into the database. I would give more information but I’m not sure what else to give since I don’t know how to go about this. I know I have to make time slots but I’m still a bit confused.

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So SELECT the information from your database, and don’t give the student the option of selecting a time slot if the tutor is already booked for that time slot.

I knew I had to do the select but I’m not sure how to create A time slot…unless I’m complicating things too much. Can you give an example of a time slot or a code which uses one? Not the one from above because mine is sort of different.

Unless a time slot is created through arrays?

Yours is no different than the thread you are referencing, actually, but we’ll walk through it again, I suppose.

Additional information required at the moment:
Do tutors all have the same timeslots/days available, what are those timeslots/days, how are you storing the booked times.

Actually, I just figured it out. I was stuck with one of my ideas but I talked to one of my colleagues and figured it out. Thank you!

Good replies.

Glad you got it sorted out in your mind, do give it a go.