Creating scaleable SVG file folder tabs

Okay I’m uploading a graphic of some parchment paper that would be great for the background image on SVG tabs. Please note I had to airbrush in the upper-right corner but with only my little Android App it’s very rough. That corner should be avoided. The rest is fine. Because I don’t know how this works I’ll wait for an experienced discussion of how to approach background images in SVG. One issue I know we’ll need to address relates to how to outline the tabs when thete are more than one.

When Paul created his masterpiece — see this post and the revisions to it he posted subsequently . . .

— we were working toward one SOLID TAB; in time it morphed into a tab with borders; and shortly thereafter, 3 tabs with borders. Have a look at this PARCHMENT graphic and be sure to see its full dimensions of 1080px X 890px:

The parchment benefits hugely from the burnishing of its edges. We’re in a smaller environment when we’re talking about designing something for a cell phone 1080px wide (refer to Paul and Archibald if at any point this graphic downloads as less than a 1080px-wide graphic!). We don’t want the fill to be all burnishing — that is, my goal isn’t that; someone else’s might very well be!

We can make two types of tabs: a PLAIN PARCHMENT tab with no borders suitable only for one single tab (or you’d not see their outlines! their shapes!) and a BORDERED PARCHMENT tab . . . with either a very modest little border (just to keep the patterns distinguishable from one another when they are sitting on top of each other (grabbing from one of the darkest pixels available) —or— a tab(s) using a portion of burnishing from the graphic.

I’m guessing the first can be done, but I’ll be gobsmacked if you talented coders can pull off the second because of the slope. We should be able to get a small piece of the burnishing for the straight edge, but the slope . . . all I can say is I’d be more than happy if we just picked up the darkest of one of the burnishing colors and use that color for the slope. If all that can be done is the plain parchment with a small (edge, really, not even a border per se) from one of its darkest pixels I’ll be thrilled! No one expects any of you to do the impossible. Please know that. We met the practical limitations of Paul’s tab as he will tell you (or if ambitious, just read the thread; to this day we cannot get rid of a small “leak” that manifests very faintly which we had to cover up with a like-colored border) and after that, well sir, she just wasn’t going to the dance and that was final! :tongue: