Creating keyboard shortcuts

I have created a lightbox/slideshow/thing here and have created a shortcut so the Esc key closes the lightbox. I would like to make it so the left arrow key goes to the previous slide and the right arrow key to the next slide.

I’m guessing I need to add some markup to create this, but I’m not sure what…

Hey @Gandalf, no not at all – you can just trigger a click event the corresponding navigation link. Actually you might then handle the Escape key the same way:

function trigger (element, action) {
  var link = element.parentNode.querySelector('.cssbox_' + action)

  if (link) {

document.addEventListener('keyup', function (event) {
  switch (event.key) {
    case 'Escape':
      return trigger(, 'close')

    case 'ArrowLeft':
      return trigger(, 'prev')

    case 'ArrowRight':
      return trigger(, 'next')

Oh cool. Thanks @m3g4p0p. Works a treat. I’ll have to leave trying to follow the logic tomorrow…

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