Creating feed for users

EDIT :: I SOLVED IT ! The solution is below.


I’m trying to create a user feed, but I am stuck. The code below allows me to get a user’s posts, but I also want to show his friends’ posts in the feed. Let’s say there are posts written by user2 and user3, I want them to show up on the user1’s feed (user1 is the friend of the user2 and user3)

I think I’ll have to use a JOIN but I couldn’t figure it out.

Here’s my database schema.

user_status table

friendship table
friend_one (FK from users table)
friend_two (FK from users table)

I’m using a MySQLi wrapper class.

$users = $db->rawQuery('SELECT * from user_status where user_id=? ORDER BY status_date DESC', Array($userid));
$db->orderBy("status_date", "desc");

foreach($users as $feed) {
    echo $feed['status']."<br>";

EDIT : I solved it.

$iamvery = $db->rawQuery("SELECT user_status.user_id, user_status.status from user_status JOIN friendship ON friendship.friend_two =user_status.user_id");
foreach ($iamvery as $tired) {
    echo $tired['status'] . "<br>";
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