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I’m in the process of developing a “Getting Started” guide for my website. It will consist of about 12 videos, that are hosted on my Vimeo Pro account, and can only be embedded at my domain. The Getting Started page will be linked from my home page, and I was wondering about the best approach to maximize my SEO efforts on this particular page. For example, should all 12 videos go on way page? (I was thinking of having a modal show the video when a question was clicked.) Or should each video be on a separate page.



I’d nearly always go for one video per page. If it’s a guide as you said, that way you can add explanatory text to accompany the video for notes, links and any other relevant information your visitors may find useful, or if they didn’t want to watch the video for some reason.


I agree. And it’s not about the “more pages more traffic more SEO presence” - it’s more about content. How users are delivered the content.


That makes sense! I hadn’t thought about the explanatory text aspect. And, I agree that some people might just prefer to read through the steps.

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Having some descriptive text content about the videos will be better for SEO too, as the crawlers will then be able to index the page based on what it is about.

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Good point!

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