Creating a theme for a motorsports website

I’m looking for ideal symbols, textures and colors that I can use for a motorsports website. It is supposed to be a historical archive containing several photo galleries.

I want to create a theme for the header, navigation buttons, site background and the h2, h3 headings. The content area will be the typical black text on white background.

I like the idea of creating a large, high-resolution fading image of the checkered racing flag at the top of website. On another website the designer used the front grill of a racing car as a background, which created a hexagon-shaped pattern.

Colors might be my biggest challenge. What are the ideal colors for motorsports racing?


Something energetic. This means saturated colors, reds, yellows, etc. When I think of racing, a medium-dark red with a lighter black (but not gray) comes to mind. Think aggressive.


i visited a couple of motorbike websites and motorsports sites and the best colors and symbols are red, yellow and some tribal designs. This catches the attention of not only sports fans but bike enthusiasts as well.

I recently did a website for guys who are into modification. There preference was bright metal colors. They were not much into high end bikes but dirt bikes so I gave them a rough look.

I’ve seen a great blogpost on the meaning of colors in web design - the guy did a huge job. But i lost the URL, so google it, I believe that won’t be a problem.

Orange, white and grey is what i can suggest.