Creating a Portfolio Website

Hi folks,

I’m new to the forums but not to Sitepoint.

I am working on a personal project to create a portfolio site.

This site will be for prospective employers to visit, and I want to incorporate LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media links to my website. I’m changing career paths from legal executive with media qualifications and training to information professional specialising in information processes and digitization. I also plan to eventually do some freelancing work, depending on how things turn out.

I am currently planning the layout and site features and the aim is to have it complete and online by November.

The site will be designed to demonstrate my existing skills as well as projects I am working on and my interests in the areas of digitization, information architecture, HTML5/CSS and so on. These are the areas I am re-training in.

My site will itself form part of this demonstration, as in the process of designing and creating the site , I plan to teach myself website administration skills and update my existing (but out of date) HTML skills, adding some SQL/PHP knowledge. I plan to author the content myself.

I want to display some basic information with static pages:

  • Contact information
  • Access to printable CV/Resume in PDF and plain text format.

I also want to incorporate the following:

  • Dynamic links at the top of each page to the key sections of the site: Blog; Portfolio, Resume; Social Media links;
  • Social Media links to my LinkedIn, Twitter accounts so prospective employers can follow me or connect with me.
  • Blog space for sharing relevant industry news, links and commentary;
  • A database-driven interactive resume section which visually presents my skills and training in an aesthetically pleasing and professional way. I want to create an interactive resume space which display my skills and training based on my current level of expertise and also showing a ‘targeted’ level of expertise. I want to use a database to feed the site with information on new and existing one showing my progress using graphs and information boxes for each skill showing examples of how it has been obtained, and examples of when I used the skills. There should be links to generate key data and graphs of selected skills and the capacity to capture this data in a variety of formats.
  • I also want to incorporate a portfolio of content I have created such as written articles, A/V materials, and websites.

I know it seems terribly ambitious but I want to create this site to sell myself to employers.

Comments and advice would be much appreciated, especially from people who have done this before.


Have you looked at WordPress? It would be a good platform for what you are trying to do.