Creating a new site - Dreamweaver


I’m wondering if anyone can clarify something for me?

When i wanted to create a new site in Dreamweaver I was asked for the HTTP address amongst other info. So my question is:

When creating a new site in Dreamweaver, do you first need to have a URL registered with a host? Or can you just create the site first before worrying about what the http address will be?


No, you don’t need anything remote to get started. You just type all that stuff in when you want to upload the site.

You can just build everything in Dw and view it in your browser locally. The only difference will be that the address in your browser will be different. Instead of something like [noparse][/noparse] it will look something like [noparse]file:///Users/username/MySite/index.html[/noparse] (well, that’s an example of what it might look like on a Mac). You just right click on your web page file and open it in your browser.

Does that make sense?

Thanks very much Ralph.

Yes that makes perfect sense.