Creating a Navigation Bar on mybb forum software

HI i havent posted on here for a while due to college homework etc.
I’m working on a small mybb site project. I saw a really intriguing site that caught my attention and was wondering how to implement such design into my very own.

This is the image of the site:

All i want to implement is the top bar for password, username etc. What or how can that go about?

PS. i havent done CSS designing in a while so i might be a bit rubbish. Also i was wondering since i already have that section for username and password, that i could simply edit it and float it to the top and make it a relative or something so that it stay up.

This is what mine looks like :

i want to move the hello guest etc up to the top

Any help is appreciated thanks

In myBB that section is div#panel for the purposes of css modification. I can’t yet see your pictures but it sounds like what you want to do is possibly assign that div a fixed position(position:fixed) at top:0px with left:0px and right:0px to give you non-relative width that is the same as display size and then just give it a background.

If you do that you’ll want to also give div#container at least a 50px margin-top. Once the screenshots have been approved by a moderator I might be able to give you better advice but the post itself is a little lacking on overall detail.

Actually i went ahead and used “inspect Element” and found the problem. What i actually need is to put the div panel onto my body away from the div container so that the div panel stretches across the screen (width: 100%;). However, i cant seem to find were the body html is located in the template section of the control panel.

Now that I can see it it is what I assumed, the CSS I mentioned should do the trick while also allowing you to scroll the bar with the page, otherwise you’ll want to absolute position it. Mybb doesn’t provide positioning to its parent element iirc and that should thusly break it out of the parents styling rules.