Creating a DVD

Hey everyone.

We’d like to work on an instructional DVD for a client.

We have the footage all made and edited. How do we go from that to a functioning DVD that someone can pop into a player, have a quick intro, then have a menu to choose scenes, etc?

Any freeware or open source software out there that does that? How does it work?

I think for that you will need to buy something.

If you just wanted to go straight into a menu and you are using Windows you could use the Microsoft movie maker program which is free. There are quite a few free mods available for it on the web to do slow motion etc.

You may have a look at dvd flick, dvd styler and starburn as well.

You’ll need to buy a program to do this.

Good ones are simply drag-n-drop easy. You choose from among several templates of opening screens, type the DVD name in a field, and specify all the chapter titles that’ll appear on the screen.

You’ll create a “chapter” by dragging all the videos to a point that will be seen for that chapter. (When the chapter is selected on the home screen, those videos will be viewed and in the order you have them listed.)

When you’ve done this for each chapter, then you tell it to make the file and burn it to disc.

After editing the video, what you’re looking for is a DVD authoring application.

If you’re using a Mac, it’s pretty straight forward.

If you’re using Windows, I’ve tended to go with DVD Flick (at the time, DVD Styler was unstable and prone to crashes, but I expect it’s improved somewhat since then). Bombono looks like another possibly worth looking into.

Thanks, guys.

I’ll check them out in the morning.

Follow up to this thread.

DVD Flick and DVD Styler were the best. Both really good suggestions!


i like Proshow producer. you can try! Good luck!

Thanks everyone, this thread is old and the OP must have made a decision by now and moved on. Thread Closed