Creating a dropdown menu with timestamps

I am building an events calendar.

When the user clicks a cell a popup box appears with a 2 dropdown menus,the one depicting the start date of the event the other the end date of the event.

The start/end dates are both UNIX timestamps.

But consider this…after the user selects a date range(just like in calendar) he chooses -from the dropdown menus- to select another date range.

The problem is this:
How am i going to create a dropdown menu where each option value will have a timestamp corresponding to the date selected.
Can the timestamps I already have help in the creation(as a basis for calculation) of this dropdown menu-to create the other timestamps too.

If you go to calendar you will see that in the left dropdown menu of the popup…if you see of course the HTML source

I think using the jQuery date picker will make your life a lot easier:
It can drop the timestamp in. Otherwise, I would generate the options server side.

The datepicker works for days/month not for selecting hours as I want.

You say,also to to generate the options server side-I am not sure if this the correct thing to do in my case.

I am building an events calendar based in this tutorial with this plugin [URL=“”]

As you will notice everything is done with backbone and js.

So I am not sure if “server-side” is the correct choice here-I am not saying it is not,I am not just sure.

I was considering to construct the dropdown with a JS for loop.