Creating a CRUD php app using wordpress

I have been working on a project using wordpress but now came up with new features, what i need is a login screen (not wp-admin) but a html screen that act as a login page, when a person log in the, he is shown a custom CMS as per my design where he can do action, like do search, compare table (although it’s not now requirement), upload files etc. so in short, can i use wordpress variable and db to make my custom CMS besides the wp-admin, as that is different (only for admin), whereas i need to create a CMS for users, or do i have to use old friend php and mysql to make a CURD sort of application?

There are plugins that will

  1. allow you to change the appearance of the login screen so it looks more like a part of your site
  2. add whatever pages you want to the back end
  3. control which users can see which pages on the back end
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Plugin is a dependancy is terms of when you know less about the code that is written and creating something on your own is great, full control if something goes wrong. But i wonder if wp-admin is a page that can be skinned to look as you like, how can the users use it to see the pages and searches i want them to do, because wp-admin log you into backend of wp and its a admin, which in my case is not what users need to see but a different type of CMS, where they have a searchable pages, which can return them results or matrix of there selection from database, then select one etc etc. Just like

Use the REST API:
Then just tie it up with WP admin/ Whatever functionality you need.

That’s a pretty small reply to my long reply. Little more description would be helpful.

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