Creating a Bucket List with the Ionic Framework and Firebase

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‘Bucket lists’ (a list of things to experience before death) have always been a popular list for people to maintain.

In Part One of this tutorial, we’ll create the basis for a simple Bucket List application using the IONIC framework. This will create a home page that enables users to sign up to the Bucket list app and sign in. We’ll use Firebase as a back end for our Bucket List application.

IONIC is a HTML5 mobile application development framework which helps developers build native looking apps. It is mainly focused on creating an attractive UI using web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. It requires AngularJS to drive it’s many features like gestures and animations.

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I tried your code, just the first part, after I deploy to my phone, it just shows a white screen.

I believe he actually mentions that…Did you mean further along?

What code do you currently? Please help us out here :slight_smile: . We need more information.

Yup, please let us know. I tested this and all worked well. Try checking your browser console to.

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