Create responsive footer?

I am trying to create a footer for my website. and taking the reference from this bootstrap footer everything is fine but when i am seeing this in the mobile view everything goes to left which i don’t find good. i want all items to be in the middle. is it possible? I used the text-center class of bootstrap. but nothing goes right for me as of now. please help

The example you posted shows the footer centred on small screens so is of no use to us in solving your problem I’m afraid. :slight_smile:

Please post the exact html and css you are using or preferably a link to the live page exhibiting the issue or a codepen that shows the problem.

Once we see the full code that you are using then we can develop a suitable answer to your query :slight_smile:

Hi Asksnbb
You can use col-xs-12 for content because it takes width in 100% in mobile and your text will be in center.
Also add width 100% in internal div
div class=“col-xs-12”

div style=“width:100%; text-align:center;”


It does nothing that can’t be achieved on the parent. The div will naturally be 100% width so all you are doing is centring inline elements.

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