Create Link In Javascript Text

i want just more help i want to create link on some text inside :
Code (Javascript):


i want to create html link on ;FDÒ\nDFGAF> which is name of person in Gujarati language please help me

With that line of code alone, I’m afraid it’s not really clear which role that samji object plays here… but the general way to create a link goes like this:

var link = document.createElement('a')

link.href = ''
link.textContent = ';FDÒ\nDFGAF>'

// Append the link to a parent element, 
// for example the body:
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samji is objact of diagram node

here is some code:

    var samji = new OrgChartNode(diagram, ladha);
    samji.setBounds(new Rect(95, 135, 10, 15));

here is my full project which is for family tree inside website :slight_smile: download

Well that is indeed some crucial information. ;-) I think I see what you mean now, but I’m afraid I’m not familiar with that library… also your download link is just plain text.

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