Create graphical line dynamically between text boxes

Hello all,

I am doing a website project and in that currently I am designing a product page.

I have to design add values to text boxes and drag and drop the text boxes in the workspace and delete the text boxes the user does not want and have to draw a graphical line between the text boxes which are in order.

I have designed and coded everything except the graphical line part.

I am a learner in javascript and Can we draw a graphical line dynamically between the text boxes in the webpage? If we can draw, can anyone let me know the tutorial for that so that I can learn and start coding as I have to submit that project soon.

Thank you.

Javascript does not have dynamic graphics drawing capabilities that are supported by all browsers. Your best option, if you’re allowed to do so, is to dynamically load a pre-created image with javascipt… searching Google for “javascript dynamic graphics” will give you some options, but again they are not cross browser compatible

Thanks for the information serj.

I have created a dynamic line from text box to another text box.

We can save the normal text box values to the backend with php.

But with all the text boxes which are created dynamically with <div></div> elements and with the graphic line from the text boxes to
other text boxes, can we save these online work in Php where when we log in again we can retrieve the text boxes that we saved before.

Can we do this in php, javascript coding? I would appreciate your help in this.