Create flash cookie and read using PHP

I want to create a cookie, set its value and read using php. I know how to create cookie, will you help me reading it using PHP?


x = $_COOKIE["name"];

Thanks a lot. It means I can access flash cookie as js/php cookie. Am I right?

I’m using this code to create a cookie:

user = SharedObject.getLocal(“user”); = true;

and, accessing it using php:

$x = $_COOKIE[‘signedup’];

But, unable to access. It throws an error:
Message: Undefined index: signedup

How should I access the cookie created? Please help.


No. That code is for a PHP cookie. It might not be a PHP cookie specifically, but a webserver (http?) cookie.

I don’t know if you can create a Flash cookie and read it with another language. I know that Flash cookies are stored in the filesystem (in a different place to web cookies) and so they may be unreachable by the browser and the webserver.

Maybe it will be easier to have Flash call a PHP script to create the cookie and another PHP script to read it?

Flash cookies (local shared objects) are not accessible other than through actionscript. If necessary you can use the ExternalInterface class to exchange data with javascript, so it would be possible for an html page to query a swf on the status of a LSO via javascript.