Create dynamic schema partial

I have a partial with the schema pretty much hard coded in, what I would like to do is find out how to build the schema using c# so I can use the information that is in our database.

There 17 elements, but only showing a handful.

<script type="application/ld+json">
        "@@context": "",
        "@@type": "ItemList",
        "url": "@(siteDomainURL + "risk/modules")",
        "numberOfItems": "17",
        "itemListElement": [
            "@@type": "Product",
            "image": "@(BL.PublicMediaURL + "/Locale-Specific/2/Module/Icons/Brand.png")",
            "url": "@(siteDomainURL + "risk/modules/brandcheck")",
            "name": "BrandCheck",
            "description": "provides the tools and support necessary to create, develop, maintain or protect the business brand standards."
            "@@type": "Product",
    "image": "@(BL.PublicMediaURL + "/Locale-Specific/2/Module/Icons/Standards.png")",
            "url": "@(siteDomainURL + "risk/modules/standardscheck")",
            "name": "StandardsCheck",
            "description": "allows you to effectively track all the components that will ensure your international certification or standard is up to date and relevant at all times."
            "@@type": "Product",
    "image": "@(BL.PublicMediaURL + "/Locale-Specific/2/Module/Icons/Room.png")",
            "url": "@(siteDomainURL + "risk/modules/roomcheck")",
            "name": "RoomCheck",
            "description": "monitors room cleaning operations against an international benchmark for housekeeping performance and hygiene."

The content needs to be localised too, and at the moment 2 is the english version and 3 is spanish, so it being created in different languages too depending on what language the user is using

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