Create and Post ads to google


I am building an Ad website and my client has come up with and unusual requirement, he wants:

An add should generate his website and the ad should publish to Google ads.

Site admin can monitor these ads that get published and can check the analysis behind each ad.

#These ads will be visible at Google only.

I just want to know is there any PHP API or anything to achieve this, please help me regarding this.


Not sure what you mean by “An add should generate his website”. Also, when you talk about “Google ads”, are you referring to AdWords? If so, the AdWords control panel should give you the features you need to monitor the ads.


Yes, i am talking about Google Adwords, i just want to know is there any PHP Google API available that i can use to generate ads and post at google, i am just wondering about this because i know that to use Google Adwords, we need to pay to google.

Hope i make some sense!


Yes, there is an API for AdWords (it’s not specific to PHP, but that shouldn’t matter). For details, see: [URL=“”]What is the Google AdWords API?

I don’t understand your point about having to pay Google for AdWord. Using the API won’t make any difference to that.


Hi friend,

It may be it adsense. And if it is that, it will be javascript. Google ads shown in website with javascript code because that ads has been as website content.