Create an image switch that refreshes the page

I have a big pic (of id=“placement”) and a bunch of small pics (thumbnails) and id like the big image to change depending on what thumbnail is clicked (and since I want to change the images src doesnt it have to be done without javascript)

firstly you can make a div with your main image in it (say called divbigpic) then a little script, and do the swap with javascript links something like this (untested code but should be ok)

<div name=divbigpic>
<img src=http://yourinitialpic border=0>
<h3>My initial pic</h3>
function changepic(picurl,picname){
var ele=document.getElementById('divbigpic');
ele.innerHTML='<img src="'+picurl+'" border="0"><h3>'+picname+'</h3>';

<a href='javascript:changepic("http//apicurl1.jpg","John swimming")'><img src=thumbnail1 border=0 ></a><P>
<a href='javascript:changepic("http//apicurl2.jpg","John sinking")'><img src=thumbnail2 border=0 ></a><P>
<a href='javascript:changepic("http//apicurl3.jpg","John drowning")'><img src=thumbnail2 border=0 ></a><P>

secondly this can be done entirely in CSS with no javascript at all has code sample download link and its gallery.html and gallery.css you want