Create a welcome page

I am building a website and I would like to create a welcome page that will pop up before people visiting my site.

Here is an example. Having a grey transparent background coving my webpage and a message box in the middle .

Thanks for your help!!

Why have a “popup” as they are annoying and most people have popup blockers these days. Just have a normal index page as the welcome page and people can move on from there.

I agree with @Rubble; about popups which are not generally recommended.

I was recently introduced to “” and rather like this landing page:

I wouldn’t call that pop-up, but a “modal lightbox”.

I wouldn’t have it on the home page, or all the time, but it might be OK as a one-time registration thing.

That’s a modal not a popup. There are a number of ways to do it, it’s packaged in with most front-end frameworks and are pretty easy to create yourself if you don’t use one.

I think it’s horrible design to do this on first visit. I know some major sites use similar things but that doesn’t change my opinion.

Thanks for all the advice. Yes, I would to create a registration “modal lightbox”. It will only show on the first time visit and its going to have a discount code on it in order to make it less annoying.

Sorry, I’m not seeing a registration link or button or other anywhere.

IMHO having a visible, but not obtrusively so, “something”, be it image, link, button, content block, whatever, would be better and doable

You could have it link to a regular registration page, but when JavaScript is working, intercept the click and show the modal instead.

Thanks for the advice. Its there any ways that I can create a code that knows which person is visiting my website the first time? So I can only show the email subscription and the promo code once in order to make it less annoying. And I would also like to know what is the the JavaScript of create a modal lightbox.
Thanks again for your help!