Create a order form with color picker - step by step


I have problems to create a custom order form for an online store.

To form this should take the form: CLICK HERE .
Until now I managed to make the product that is redirecting the form to be present in this form with name and picture.
But I struggle to insert two color picker sites into law two categories ( click here for pictures).
Also as you can see from the previous picture, I struggle to integrate the 3 fields “Length”, “Width”, “Height” in the “Custom sizes”, so that only when this option is selected the 3 fields be editable.
Fields with a red star must be mandatory.
Also a problem is the whole form and send to an email address, so that the administrator can see the client options (size, color codes, and so on).
In a large deadlock is and when it come to this form will be available only to registered users.

After submitting this form, you must defend her client a confirmation message sending form, or if necessary, an error message.

I searched the internet something similar, but it seems that nobody ever ever try to make an order form with integrated color picker. As my knowledge of php are quite a few have tried to solve the problem as long as I got through processing two forms. Existing one on the site that sent you a friend recommended product (here insert name and email address of the friend) and a free form generated by an website. Everything to be functional should have 3 files, a file “customeorder.tpl” (contains PHP code, this code was introduced and made free form net), a “costomeorder-form.php” and one "customeorder.php ". Files can be found attached to this post.

Form file is “customeorder.tpl”, this should make all changes related to its functionality, from what I could tell from the code of the 3 files.

So, how i’ll create this kind of order form?

It’s working! I’ve used the color picker from here.
My next issue is, how I’ll integrate those 3 filds “Hight”, “Lenght” and “Width” like a part of “Custome dimensions” option? I want those 3 to be activated just in the moment when “Custome dimensions” is choosed.