Create a dynamic website on local server using Windows10 for pw protected remote access

Hi, I have an intranet website on my home computer (Windows 10 64 bit). The pages, primarily htm, pdf, txt and word and a few jpgs and gifs, link very nicely. I would like to have access to this remotely when traveling. Static access is no good; I need dynamic pages. I keep my files in a directory called medmal. I can download and install Apache and related packages in Windows, but I am stumped at configuring for remote access. I wan to run this as a password protected local/personal web server. Can anyone walk me through the config files for this? Or, please suggest a simplistic “Dummies” guide or like publication. Many thanks.

Well for starters you’re almost certainly going to need to punch a hole through your router to the machine, which is beyond the scope here probably, and will depend on your router and internet provider.

The server can probably remain the same as it is now, if you’ve got it working intranet; depending on what server technology you’re currently powering it with, this could be as simple as modifying a single line, or as complex as rewriting a significant portion of the current config file.

Probably need more information from you to proceed with any further advice.

Why? What do you define as dynamic? All the file types you list are static. What do you use in the server that makes the site dynamic?

Or you can simply turn on IIS. How do you currently access the files? I suggest turning on IIS and use it to set up a local site and become familiar with using the site locally. You can use Apache if you want to. Nginx is becoming very popular.

That probably requires dynamic access. I am not familiar with anything for doing that without more technical experience than you have.

The main problem with using your own hardware for a website is security. Since we need to expose our system to the world you need to be technical enough to be able to keep your system safe.

You did not say whether you need to have a custom domain name. I assume not. There are many options for static websites for free but I do not know if there is something providing security for the site.

You could convert your site to a CMS, such as WordPress. I think that would satisfy your requirements. Apparently WordPress supports password-protecting the site or pages. You could do that locally in your hardware but as I say previously, that is likely to be too much of a security risk.

If you have a Google account then you can probably use Google Sites. Apparently they also support password-protecting the site or pages.

Consider making your files available in a cloud such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox.

If you want to pursue any of those possibilities then say so and then either myself or someone else might be able to provide more guidance.

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