Crazy last <li>

hi folks, long time no see, but here i got some issues:

why does that last bullet point, before the image, play crazy on my style?


Do you mean in the scrolling box? Last LI looks fine to me. What browser are you looking at?

yes, inside the scrolling box…

strange, i’m using FF & IE8 and both are displaying the same oddness:

the hyphon is way spaced out, and the lst word slides into a new line…

OK, I see that too. A picture tells a thousand words, because “play crazy” has no meaning at all.

The last list item is too long to fit on one line, and the reason it is stretched is this rule:

.liste {
  font-size: 11px;
  list-style-type: circle;
  [COLOR="Red"]text-align: justify;[/COLOR]

If you remove that line in red, the text will close up, but it will still wrap. You’d have to trim the text a bit to avoid the line wrap.

thanks a lot ralph!

well i’d thought i’d better be posting a pic to clarify the issue… why was there a “justify” in there in the first place? :wink:

Only you can answer that :stuck_out_tongue: … It’s not the default setting, so you must have done it … or of course whoever wrote the code if you didn’t.

It was most likely my copy&paste addiction :wink: