Crazily Priced Domains

Just read the report of Afternic Weekly Sales for the week of September 23-29th.

Exoskeleton for $25k?
Clangers for $6500?

Not sure why people are paying egregiously for domains when, in essence, anything is brandable anymore.

Could be that they already had the business before and changing the brand name now would cost them more or cause them more problems than it’s worth xP

Well, I guess my point was to illustrate that people spending this kind of money for domains today hasn’t changed as it was 10 years ago…

Some domains sell for a lot more than that. It seems crazy, but if you really want the domain, and you have the money … then there’s a market. Just the way it is. It all seems a bit greedy to me, but there you go. :rolleyes:

I think selling a domain name for such a large amount of money is pure luck. You don’t get money that easy but if you have the domain name that a huge company is trying to acquire, then you’re in for a huge profit.

I was wondering what kind of company would buy such domain like Exoskeleton for 25K. Now I know it was a sport gear company. no wonder.