cPanel Redirect Quick Question

I am moving sites from one server to another and am planning to redirect until nameservers prop to the new domains.

Question is this - when I try to do a wildcard redirect it fails due to a loop.

I am trying, for example, to redirect:



Why would this cause a loop? I haven’t written a mod-rewrite b/c this seems like something cPanel can handle. Maybe I’m missing something?

Is there a mod_rewrite rule writing requests that aren’t to, perhaps? One of those force-www rules?

Hmm…I don’t think so but that’s a good thought. I’ll check it out. Thanks!

I’ll check out the www/non-www idea, but I thought I should post the actual error I received:

Redirecting to will cause a redirection loop because ''

    which is located at /home/happyday/public_html/

is above ''

    which is located at /home/happyday/public_html/~happyday/


Patience, Prudence! With the speed with which DNS updated propagate, it’s likely that your “problem” has already been resolved - assuming that you’ve updated the domain’s pointers at the registrar.

FWIW, you’ve hit on the better solution, though, which mod_alias’s Redirect can easily handle: Redirect 302 / http://123.456.78.90/~example/ at the old server. Obviously, do NOT use that on the new server!


This looks like a DNS propagation delay so both and would point to either the old or new server, they would not point to both. Good thought, though.



oooh smart, I hadn’t thought of that! lol THANKS!


Yes, we’re all used to the SPEED of the Internet yet forget to allow hosts to update their DNS databases. While it (seemingly) NEVER takes the full three days they advise, it’s rarely immediate (and 6-12 hours is a good range to look for propagation). It’s a common problem and easy to recognize if you’ve seen it before.