Courses not showing as complete when I login

There a couple of courses I have completed but when I login it is not showing as complete in the dashboard. What is causing this? I’ve clicked through all the videos and it gets to the end page where I can get a certificate yet when I login again it is still as incomplete.

Have you completed all the test (if there were any) and everything?


Yep I have gone through all the videos and different sections. But surely it wouldn’t able me to get a certificate if everything was not complete?

I would assume that you wouldn’t be able to. But I know that there was one course that showed as incomplete when I thought that I completed everything… and then I didn’t. I can’t remember if it was the question in one quiz or a few second in a video that I watch till the very end… except for that last seconds that were simply a fade out.

@ophelie may be able to investigate though.

Ok I’ll go back and double check videos

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Thanks for letting us know about that, @historygirllfc! I’ll investigate it as a bug.

The same happened to me with the meteor course, until I wrote a review. Now it results finished.

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