Couple JS questions for website theme

Hello there,

I am needing to accomplish a couple items on my site:

  1. when you select a project image and it is shown in the fancybox I want to be able to click outside the content to close it. I cannot seem to find where in my jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.js file to change it.
  2. I also am curious if I can add a div and a onHover rule that will slide the gallery images to the right when overing over the div on the right section rather than needing to scroll the bar. Same goes for the left when the user scrolls right so they can scroll back. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance,


Regarding point one: how are you using Fancybox? As a Wordpress plugin? If so, can you let me know exactly which package you installed.

Hey Pullo,

No this is not a wordpress plugin. It’s part of the site template I am using. The js is in a folder: js/fancybox. I can send you the actual file code if you want?

What would really help is a one page demo, with just one photo which displays in Fancybox when clicked.
This way it will be a lot easier to get to the bottom of the problem (there is quite a lot going on on the page you link to in your previous post).