Countdown timer for web auction?

anyone know how to create countdown timer for auction web. the timer is more to AJAX. the dateline time for auction can be retrieve from database. anyone know how to settle this problem or there are any free download script for this problem??


This is a Javascript question more than a PHP one.

but the thing is ,it is more too PHP programming.
Combining between PHP and javascript. the dateline retrieve from sql language.

Is that rite?Anyone know about my problem?

$db = new mysqli('host','name','pass','database');
$query = $db->prepare("SELECT time FROM table WHERE id = ?");
echo $time;

The sum total of the PHP code needed… now try getting an AJAX call in 7 lines :stuck_out_tongue:
This is -still- a Javascript question.

Here’s an example of a countdown timer script:

Keep in mind that the date/time that you return from the server may be a different timezone to the users date/time so you will need to factor in this.