Could you please review the HTML template I've made in Twitter Bootstrap?

I’m new to HTML, CSS and Javascript. I’ve been learning Twitter Bootstrap since a few days. I’ve redone a basic homepage of the this website using Twitter Bootstrap.

For the first-timer, I think I’ve done a decent job. But could you please give me the feedback or correct the code to get the homepage exactly similar to the web page aforementioned.

  • The web page is utilizing min-width (mobile-first approach) for media queries. I’ve used to max-width to redo it.

  • I struggled a bit while making the second section (where all the logo of the famous brands are) of the web page.

  • And I’ve used a text-only logo.

Could you please correct me or guide me in further building the web page (just the homepage).

Thank you.

Please review the web page over here at Codepen.

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