Could i have some box sizing advice please

trying out box sizing to place two links side by side
Also using relative & absolute positioning.
what has me a bit confused is how to best center the text. I think I only kinda hacked it so far.
& why is the gradient I used off on one of the boxes?
thank you

It’s not clear where you want those links to go, and I can’t see any attempt at sizing at this point. What have you tried?

You still haven’t optimised those background images on your site. They take AGES to load. Your users will hate you if you don’t correct this. It’s much more important than styling those links. :wink:

Good morning there
Well. for the box sizing…how do i center the boxes side by side w/in the containing wrap. & center the text w/in the individual boxes…
No matter how I play w/the margin & padding so far i seem to be off.

as for the background images…I am open to advice.

Actually someone else on the team is now working on them. I think he has actually reduced them on size already. Don’t know what process he uses but he is supposed to be pretty experienced.
I read the previous material that was referred to me. Used photoshop optimization for them…I must be missing a step there.

I run into this yesterday while i was looking for something else

just getting to read it now. And will fwd it on along w/any advice on how to improve on the download time.


Could you post an image of how you want them to look? I think that background image will be very distracting.

not 100% sure.
but right now i’d like to understand how to affect the padding and margin so the two boxes are side by side and the text is centered. even if the boxes expand horizontally or vertically.
also why is it that the gradient doesn’t line up evenly?
Thank you

Padding and margins are not what you need to be looking at here, so that’s the problem. :slight_smile:

There are various options, but I’d be looking at display: inline-block or perhaps display: table. Here’s a starting point with display: inline-block:

.staffingCtr {text-align: center;}
.staffingCtr div {display: inline-block; padding: 20px;}

why is it that the gradient doesn’t line up evenly

No idea what you mean there.

thanks Ralph!
will work on that.
as for the button’s gradients I meant what while they are side by side the gradient is slightly diff in each box.

The buttons with the gradients have disappeared.

oh that is sooo funny. Thank you wp.
yeah it’s really weird we have been running in a few such bugs where code disappear or reverts.
Thx Ronpat!