Corrupt Images?

Corrupt WP Images ?

Hi all

I have a photo gallery in WordPress.

I’m using NextGen to group the images, they are then simple added to the pages using the insert media button

Randomly some of the images show as partly grey as if they are corrupted.

The images aren’t corrupt and if I load the page in another browser the images will show
as it should.

What is this grey image? Is it something to do with WordPress.

That looks like a corrupted image to me.

The link didn’t work for me so I can only guess.

If the image is OK when you go to it, might it be WordPress is failing somewhere during “auto-resize” and caching a partial? i.e. the “top” looks OK?

When tried in Chrome, FF and ie it looks corrupted.

Is it just one gallery page where it’s occuring or random gallery pages? Check PHP’s error logs for any errors