Core PHP Project Problem

Hello Friends,

Some time ago i was create a website of bus seat booking in core php.

yesterday i was got a big mistake in it let i explain about mistake when bus Arrival time is 5:00 PM then bus seat booking should be automatically close at 4:00 PM of the same date like red bus can someone help me to resolve this mistake as soon as possible.

Thank You

Hard to say without code, but I assume you’re delivering a list of bus services based on comparing the current time to the time that the bus journey leaves. So you could change that to compare to (current time plus one hour), so your site only lists services with at least one hour remaining until journey start. User wouldn’t be able to book a ticket on a closer service because they’d have no way to select it, but you should probably check in the booking stage that there’s at least one hour left until start time, to be safe.