Cool CSS Game

I’ve seen quite a few “CSS game” titles, and I’ve always found them a bit underwhelming. But I stumbled on one yesterday that’s pretty good, I reckon—although a bit hard, and frustrating! It’s quite simple, but actually quite addictive! So how far can you get with this?


lol not far

My mouse / dexterity isn’t good enough. It took a few tries to get through the first “horizontal-ish” path, but the “horizontal zig-zaggy” was a stopper.

Maybe if it was slower or could work with the keyboard I’d have better luck, though probably not.

“game” aspect aside, I find it exciting to see what SVG and CSS3 are capable of doing.


I was sure that I was outside of the area at one point but it still kept going until it told me I’d won.


I was sure that I was outside of the area at one point but it still kept going until it told me I’d won.

What operating system and browser?

Wow, well done. I haven’t managed that yet.

Woo! I finally got to the end. :smiley:

Windows 7 and Chrome 47

I just changed the “you lose” hover state to display:none and won the game like that.


Edit-Ok I won without “cheating”.

That’s a pretty neat game though.

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Good game. Managed after about the tenth attempt.:slight_smile:

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Same here. Got about halfway through when you have to come back a bit and thought I jumped out of the open space and it let me keep going. Got it on about the third try.

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I tried…

Interesting idea, though.


I tried as well without success. Maybe give it another go tomorrow.

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It took me several attempts.
But amazing what can be done without script.

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I have been trying for hours with no success on my iPhone…

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Ah, yes, I was thinking is must be impossible on a touch device.

I was on a Wacom tablet yesterday. I thought that would make it easier, but it took me a few goes to get it. Today I’m at home, so may try it with the mouse.

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Yep, a Wacom sounds viable. Sadly, my old Wacom doesn’t work with my current computer. Haven’t investigated if there’s a way to upgrade.

EDIT: heh, updated the driver, but actually found it harder with the Wacom.

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