Cookies problem in different browsers

I am trying to a show a message on the screen if cookies are disabled on the browser. The code I am using is this

setcookie(‘test’, 1, time()+3600);
if(count($_COOKIE) > 0){
echo "Cookies Enabled ";
} else {
echo "Cookies Disabled ";


The problem is that this works fine in Firefox on my PC but Doesn’t work in IE 8 or safari even if the cookies are enabled on the browsers. Plus it works fine on my co worker’s PC in all browsers.
Would appreciate any help.

Cookies are passed in HTTP headers so they’re not accessible until the next page load after setting them.

Also take care of the time + 3600 , if somebody have his PC time long after the server time… the cookie will be considered expired.

i am not quite sure, but i think you should get that time() not from the server, but from the user PC using javascript!?