Converting XML to RSS with XSL - possible?

I’ve been fighting with this for most of the night last night and can’t figure this out.

Mostly as a proof-of-concept style thing I’ve been attempting to get a sample XML document and turn it into valid RSS that I can subscribe to in a feed reader.

To that end I’ve produced this XML file which has [URL=“”]this XSL transform applied. I’ve gone over the code for both again and again and again and it seems to all be valid (at least according to most examples I’ve found on the web) but it keeps coming up as an invalid feed.

I should mention that when I simply view the XML file in the web browser, I see pretty much the expected text - and if I use the Firefox Web Developer toolbar extension and then use the view generated source option, the code that I see outputted is valid RSS 2.0, so I can’t understand why this isn’t working.

If anyone here could take a look at my code and see what’s going on that would be really helpful.

jono1san, congratulations on your 1st post.
You must see the expected font size, too.
Few people read the fine print. Good luck.

Just a quick solution. You could try out Sams Teach Yourself XML in 24 Hours by Michael Morrison; Third Edition written in 2006. Hour 24, page 510, has information on using XSL for RSS. You might even have the book at your local library.