I am capturing data (server is utc -5) so example timestamp would be: 2011-03-25T22:25:55-05:00.

Now, that’s all good and well when I return data like so: “SELECT * FROM table WHERE timestamp LIKE ‘2011-03-25’”.

But what happens if I want to return data from a different timezone?
e.g UK would be 00:00 and not -05:00.

See where I’m going with this?
If only i could save a timestamp for each timezone, but that’s overkill! there has to be a more realistic way!? apparently i could do it somehow with CONVERT_TZ in mysql?

Can anybody shed any light?

Think I need something like the following, but obviously sql that actually works :stuck_out_tongue:

								 			SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE `row`='4' AND `timestamp` LIKE '%(CONVERT_TZ(2011-04-07,'-05:00','00:00'))%'