Convert site to mobile

a have a problem :S
I want my site to turn into mobile system . How do I make it? help me please :S
my web site

Hi dragon11954. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

I can’t view your site at the moment (bad link?) but anyhow, there are various options. You can keep the same site and just add in some extra styles targeted to mobile devices (using @media rules) or you can build a separate site and redirect mobile devices to it. The first option is usually the easier route, and cheaper, and is a better option for smaller sites.

Hi thank you your reply :slight_smile:
Can we do it With a plug-in :S not too strenuous :S

Hm, there are WP plugins and other addons for making certain parts of your design responsive (, but each layout is different, so I doubt any one plugin could predict your design and modify it. This is best planned from the beginning.

Another option is to use a separate service to serve up a mobile site version, but that’s a lot of work and not a great move, IMHO.

Whatever route you take, it will be strenuous. :slight_smile:

thank you very much for your answer :slight_smile: I examine and use link in plugins :slight_smile:

Looks like you site ain’t working, it shows only 1 line of text (:

You can use a program found online, such as DudaMobile. They make the set up very easy.

how to use this dubamobile. I’d like if you help please

Off Topic:

Note to Duda: see what happens when you fail to provide a clear, simple, conceptual overview of how your service works? #fail

What are the dimensions for a mobile website?

There aren’t any as such. The simplest approach is to set the content to width 100% (of maybe a tad less) of the device viewport. There is no one dimension for mobile devices.

First of all, the program I suggested is not “my service,” so I’m not trying to promote anything.

It was my intention that OP would search for ‘DudaMobile’ and be brought to the website in which it explains the steps to convert a website into a mobile website. simple

If you need it spelled out:

  1. Type ‘DudaMobile’ into a search engine of your choice. Or follow this link:
  2. Follow the instructions by entering your site URL.
  3. Click “Make my site mobile” - It’s a big orange button.
  4. Edit site accordingly.
  5. Publish.

Yes, sorry, I wasn’t taking a shot at you at all, but at the Duda site. I did look over their site—at the features etc.—but I was criticising them for not giving a proper introduction to how their service works. Essentially they are saying “sign up and find out how it works”, which doesn’t wash with me. Yes, you can enter your URL and click the button, but they need to provide a better conceptual overview of how the process works and what you are actually getting yourself into. This is a common problem with a lot of scripts and online services—the lack of a proper conceptual introduction.

Mobile sites are essential now obviously and there are plenty of conversion scripts on the market.
I suggest you refer to the mobile forum to see how others are converting their sites but from my experience, custom coding is essential to get the best fit.

There is 5 Recommended Services which can help you to convert your site to mobile which is as follows

  1. mobiSiteGalore
  2. mofuse
  3. bMobilized
  4. ConvertWebsite
  5. Mobify