Convert ppt (power point) to HTML in C#


Would like to provide feature to convert PPT (power point) into html using C#

What products have you looked at so far? Doing a search shows there are a few out there that may provide this functionality and that there are a few tutorials showing how do perform this task using the Microsoft Interop DLLs

We have tried with microsoft’s outlook dll

The following uses the Microsoft Interop (which I completely dislike), but it may be a necessary evil for dealing with PowerPoint

Yes, checked it. It works only in IE. Tried similar solution which converts ppt to html file. Now searching one more option of embed ppt in web page

Can I ask why you are wanting HTML output instead of say PDF?

want to display ppt content as web page so that it will be easy to end user read at any time without downloading any docs also it maintains docs at central place

Apose maybe what you want :smile:

Unfortunately, it is a tad bit expensive.

Just found another product too

Thanks for your help definitely will try out these options.

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