Convert PERL to PHP


sub getNetOpsComInfoByXngId  {

  my $xngId = shift;

  my $netOpsComStatusCode = 0;
  my $netOpsComContactResultsBody;
  my $retObj = {};
  $retObj->{Error} = '';

      my $soap = SOAP::Lite
           -> proxy("http://netOpsComWs/NetOpsComService", timeout=>240);

  my $serializer = $soap -> serializer();

  my @query = (
          SOAP::Data->name('xngId' => $xngId));

  my $netOpsComContactResults;
  eval {
   $netOpsComContactResults = $soap->call('getSiteInfoByXngId' => @query);

  if ($@) {
    $retObj->{Error} = "Error encountered while attempting to get netOpsCom info $@";
    return $retObj;
  } else {
     $netOpsComContactResultsBody = $netOpsComContactResults->body;
    if ($$netOpsComContactResultsBody{'Fault'}) {
     $retObj->{Error} = "Web service fault message,$$netOpsComContactResultsBody{'Fault'}{'faultstring'}";
     return $retObj; 


ini_set('max_input_time', -1);

$client = new SoapClient("http://netOpsComWs/NetOpsComService?wsdl");

//$result = $client->getSiteInfoByXngId()->opsTrackerSites;
$array = $client->getSiteInfoByXngId()->opsTrackerSites;

//$xngID = $_GET['xngID'];

foreach ($array as $key => $value) {
    $array = $value;
    $xngID = $_GET['xngID'];
    $call = $value->xngId;
    if($call > 0){
        $xngID = $value;
        echo $xngID->managerName;

but URL doesn’t give me value by xngID.

What do you get in $array?

Try using var_dump($array); before the loop and notice the first line in the loop where $array is reassigned.

Good spot, that can’t help things.

I can dump the data and get result. but I can not get value by xngID. When I dump the data in the webservices xngId=>0, value, but I wanted to change 0 value to specific value which can be start from 0-2000. So my goal is call the other fileds value by xngId=>value. but strange wheb dump the data on xngId field section the value gave me is 0(all arrays). Is there any form of code in php that I could make 0 value turned into different value like 1,2,3 and call the other field value within this 1,2.3. Help will be greatly appreciated!

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