Convert pdf to different language

Hello all, i have a pdf document i have downloaded, but it is in polish. Is there any way or acrobat tools out there that can translate the pdf to english?

thanks :slight_smile:

Have you tried copying the contents of the PDF into a text document and then using that text as the starting point for an online language translation?

You can find these if you search Google

There are softwares which you can install and that would read your PDF file and translate it, such as Systran or @promt but those aren’t free, and I know one site that it is able to read a PDF file and translate it, but unfortunately they do not include Polish. You may need to Google it. Sorry.

I’m currently trying to find a PHP solution to this (just the reading part, not the translation). There was a function posted in this thread, which works, but only for v1.4 pdf’s. There’s a few more functions posted around [URL=“”]here, but I haven’t yet found a concrete solution.

If you find anything decent, please post here.

In the latest version of Acrobat Reader, you can select text and copy it. Then, you can paste that text in Google Language Tools or FreeOnlineTranslation or Babel Fish or something and get a pretty crappy translation. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the replies. Suppose it looks pretty hopeless :frowning: Might have to warm up those copy + paste ligaments. :slight_smile:

Thats kinda hard. There aint a free software for that yet. Maybe convert it first to text then use google translate.