Convert Access 2000 mdb file to exe

Hi Guys. Can anyone tell me how to Convert Access 2000 mdb file to exe. I want to create a standalone executable which my users can download as a freebe for signing up.

I recall in the past seeing the option to convert an access mdb file to an exe, it’s been some years since I last did this but cant remember how. Anyone point me in the right direction please

Cheers Kili

I do not think converting it to an executable (if possible) would allow you to use it as a database. Why not just create an extractor/installer using a self-extracting ZIP creator program or [url=]NSIS and include the database along with the program. It shouldn’t matter if the user has Access installed or not, as Windows comes with data access drivers.

Almost all popular Office suites can open MDB files & almost every computer user has some kind of Office Suite installed, its a necessity. So there’s no need to convert the MDB file to an EXE :smiley:

Off Topic:

why would you like to provide an Access database file as a freebie for signing up? I’ve seen screensavers, photos, etc. being offered as signing up bonuses but never seen nor heard of an Access Database as a signing up bonus. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Guys. My worry is that not all users will be using the same version that I create the database in. I can convert to access 97 and 2000 formats.

Do you think that would cover most users?
Most of the people I will be aiming this at are not likley to be database litierate they just want to point and click

Cheers Kili

It’s going to be a hiking database. Over the years many people I’ve met when trekking various conutries keep records of there walks hikes treks whatever you want to call them. With that in mind I came up with two ideas.

  1. Create a downlaodable database with fileds for
    Hike name
    etc, etc

  2. Create an online version using PHP and MYsql in an effort to get them bakc to the site, here they could update there own data where ever and when ever they want.

Not sure if this would be of intrest to the majaority or not.

Thought I would give it a go to make the site stickey/Interactive.

What do you think guys?


To answer your first concern first, I advise that you provide your database in Access97 format. That’s bound to be accessible to almost all users.

Secondly, if you expect your visitors to be database illiterate, then how do you expect them to work out on the EXE file? It’ll still be an Access file.

Better way is to create a form kind of thing in VB or VC++ or Delphi, whatever you know & give it as exe & the database as mdb. If you are going to use VB or VC++, then don’t use ADO for database connection. Use either DAO or a file DSN, b’coz ADO is not available on WindowsME and lower. Its only available in Windows2000 & above.

In that form of yours, you can do a GUI interface allowing users to view data of database by just point-&-click & can also provide the option to add more data.

Hi Aspfunda

’ Secondly, if you expect your visitors to be database illiterate, then how do you expect them to work out on the EXE file? It’ll still be an Access file. ’

I think you misunderstand. There was a time when you could compile an Access mdb file to an exe for your users to run it by clicking on it so that it iran as a standalone app. They would simply enter the data after that.

I have my son teaching me PHP & Msql at the moment ( I knew there was a reason for having kids lol…) and he’s shown me how to create the database tables forms to input and read from the database for an online version. But I would still like to create an app which uses an installer and allows the user to input there own data.

Cheers Kili

Though not quite what you want, this should be of some help:

Thanks M@cro. That is a great source of info.

Cheers Kili