Convert a php script to an email form

Hi, I hope I am posting this in the right place.

I have a php db run application with an admin panel. In the admin panel there is a page where you can add an animal to the database with severeral fields and photo uploads. Of course the script creates a directory for the animal and uploads the photo to that directory and saves all of the information in the database.

The user wants a “form” on the front end where visitors can submit their own animals for addition to the database. For the most part this will be a basic email form which when submitted will send the results to the site admin who will review them and add them to the site.

However the user wants the site visitor to be able to attach a photo to the email via upload. Is this possible? At this point there is would be no need to create a directory and store the photo on the server - just send it via email to the site admin.

Thanks for any help you can give.

You would probably want to go ahead and upload/process the image and add the data to the database. You would probably want to add a is_live or other field to the table to determine if a certain image is viewable to the public.

When a new image is added it is set to is_live = 0 and the email is generated and sent to the admin for approval.

Why require pre-approval? This screams of ‘big brother’ and most site visitors hate this type of moderation. I would lean toward after the post approval where all images go live the admin are notified of the image and review asap.