Controller Form problem

I am using a controller form (index.php) based on one from the Sitepoint book by Kevin Yank about PHP MySQL.

It works and is adding something extra to my form.html.php that is not in the code for that form. It is in the code for output file (titles.html.php). When I call form.html.php, I get my form with one select object.
When I call index.php (controller), I get the basic form PLUS elements from the output page which should not be showing up yet:
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I am new to this and don’t know where to begin to understand this and work this out. I am having trouble explaining this as well.
Thank you for any help you may give.

Code for index and output files attached.

Controller Form problem - SOLVED

I forgot to add
after my first include.

So the script was adding two of my includes together when I only wanted one at a time.

Having to put things in writing to the forum helped me to clarify my thoughts. That and leaving my desk and going walking!